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Real Name:  Hollis McAllister  
Nicknames:  The Wargod, Boxer, Original DEFIANT, The Scottish Strongman, The STARMAKER  
Hometown:  Banff, Scotland  
Birthday:  Unknown (40's)  
Height:  5'11"  
Weight:  234 lbs. lbs 


Biography:  Bronson knows the truth of it. He knows what sort of legend he wants to become in the wrestling business. His legend won't be built on title belts and tourney wins. It won't be because people see him as "the best"... Bronson Box will be a legend because people fear him. Does he want to be the champion? To main event every pay per view? Obviously.

But at the end of the day Bronson will live up to his claims of being "the greatest attraction in sports and entertainment today" by making sure the faithful worship at no other altar but his, win or lose. It'll be his name on the fans lips no matter who parades around calling themselves "champion."

Bronson's legacy will be one of blood and fear, not gold and glory.

With the faithful chanting his name.

Brought up on the UK and European independents, Boxer cut his teeth the old fashioned way. In bloody, unrecognized obscurity. Decades of in-ring violence honed Bronson into the man that finally caught a break at the hands of the one and only Eric Dane with his new promotion, DEFIANCE Wrestling. It's in DEFIANCE Box crafted his wild unhinged legend becoming not only a two time FIST of DEFIANCE and the promotions first ever unified World Heavyweight champion... but also one of the most feared men to ever lace up a pair of boots.
Strengths:  1. Religious like resolve to be the best fighter on the planet. His one goal in life, his one singular want is to be known as the greatest fighter of all time. Not through victories and title wins but through pure vicious wild unhinged intimidation.

2. Unbelievably strong. He may be on the smaller side but at times Bronson has displayed almost superhuman strength, heaving even the biggest grapplers over his head with relative ease. His strength training regimen is looked at by most of the locker room as just utterly brutal.

3. Strong chain wrestler. While Box has shown to be more comfortable simply throwing guys around and dropping them on their skulls, Box has a very refined mat wrestling game and can stand toe to toe with just about anyone hold for hold on the canvas.
Other Feds:  DEFIANCE, WfWA, WWA, UTA  
Weaknesses:  1. Bad right eye after having it nearly POPPED out of his head by a vicious flying 360 Mongo Chop from Cancer Jiles. A couple of years after that, the same eye was viciously attacked by Lindsay Troy during Ladder War II at Ascension with Bronson's own Spike! Has a slightly limited field of vision on that side.

2. Small stature, at just under six feet tall (and that's stretching it) Box honestly isn't the biggest wrestler on the roster. He may have a truck load of haggis fueled muscle packed on his frame, said frame just isn't that tall.

3. Easily distracted / VERY short temper. Bronson's quick temper can easily be used against the Wargod. Bronson is a sick sociopath but he's not beyond manipulation. The angrier Boxer gets, the more reckless and foolish he becomes. When you get down to it, Box can be a legit petulant child.


  • … the convincin’ comes when this company foolishly invites each and every sorry bloody soul within their sphere of influence to climb into a wrestling ring with the Bombastic Bronson Box.


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