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Real Name:  Brandon Youngblood  
Nicknames:  The Last Diamond, Pariah, The Last Bastard  
Hometown:  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  
Birthday:  January 5, 1979  
Height:  6'3  
Weight:  285 Ibs. lbs 


Biography:  It's been near a decade since Brandon Youngblood wrestled in the United States, leaving the country as well as PRIME in the summer of 2009. His disappearance was shocking, with clear abdications of the interpromotional PTC Elite Championship and a guaranteed shot at PRIME's Universal Championship. Once driven by an all consuming desire and need to be considered the very best in the world, he seemingly walked away at the moment when he was closest to receiving the acknowledgement he so stridently sought his entire professional life.

Youngblood is and has been many things. A high school wrestling phenom. A highly sought prospect for the professional ranks. An athletic powerhouse with never-ending stamina and raw power and quick twitch agility. Addict. Painkillers. Alcohol. Married. Father of one. Wife beater. Divorced. Closet homosexual from a religious upbringing. One of the best in the world. A franchise talent. A laughing stock. An example of how quickly someone can fall. Wasted talent. A phoenix from the ashes.

In truth, what he so desperately sought for so long was acceptance. A sense of place. His need to validate his own self-worth started with peerless vanity, but it grew into a journey through the most rigorous trials he could face opponent wise. He opposed a gamut of legendary figures from FWrestling, PTC, and the 'Angle Community' and did more than stand his ground; he thrived. Nobody has beaten as many GTT winners as he. When he walked away, everyone felt he was leaving right before sitting upon the throne of standard bearer. Why he chose to do so is a mystery.

Youngblood wrestled in other countries from time to time over the last decade, but never consistently, his last appearance having taken place years ago. His body has changed, a visible paunch to midsection, a thick silver and grey beard stretched across his jaw, his explosive athleticism eroded away, replaced by unparalleled strength and a brutality to breaks and maim his opponents. He doesn't seek out championships, nor does the appeal and virtue of timeless legacy matter.

Awoken from his sleep, the world he once knew has been rended to ash.

The echoes of the past stand silent.

It's time to refresh their cords with the blood and broken wills of those who he dares cross paths with. 
Other Feds:  The Squared Circle, Jolt Wrestling, PRIME, New Frontier Wrestling Season II, Fans Wrestling Organization, Global Championship Wrestling, All-Star Championship Wrestling, Blood Alliance Championship Wrestling, GTT5, GTT6  


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