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Real Name:  Bobby Dean  
Nicknames:  “Beautiful”, The Name that Entertains, The One Hitter Quitter, The Long Dong from Hong Kong, The One Pump Chump, The Millimeter Peter, and my personal favorite, my mom calls me Stupid.  
Hometown:  Houston, Texas  
Birthday:  June 22, Thanksgiving Day (every fat man's birthday), March 14th (come one, Steak and BJ day was totally created by me!)  
Height:  6'-1"  
Weight:  399 1/2 lbs 


Biography:  The Biography of “Beautiful” Bobby Dean can be quite lengthy… I mean, I’ve been around the block a time or two. Although, it’s been quite a few years since the wrestling world has seen the likes of me. So the million dollar question, or more like the dollar and ninety nine cent question, is: Where have you been!?

I left the world of professional wrestling a few years back for the life of a covert espionage agent. I would scamper and creep through evildoers houses. Infiltrating their domiciles while they showered or slept. I would scout through curtained windows, scour the backyards (if they were clear of dogs), scurry through bushes while I spied them poolside with my binoculars. That is, until the police arrested me and the government denied knowledge of not only my mission, but of my existence of a working espionage agent!

So with a few months of probation and a stern talking to, I left the world of espionage behind and went on to my next occupation. I ran a suntanning lotion applier business, called “Do My Back”. Basically I sat on the beach in front of a stand offering to apply the SPF 15 lotion to the backs of nubile bodies. After about 3 days I was bankrupt and asked kindly to leave the beach, due to complaints. From there I went on, doing an assortment of odd jobs, that even the guy on Dirty Jobs refused to do, just to cover my next four course meal. What can I say, a man’s gotta eat.

Ultimately it was a news article about my old, and bestest, friend, Mikey Unlikely that got me to take another chance at this dream of mine. He was CWF bound and I was sure to follow! Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a star, even if that meant seeing me in my tightie whities in front of millions of people. I’ve had some success back in the skinnier days, maybe, just maybe, I can have another run at success even if I can’t really run?
Other Feds:  BMW, PCW, sVo, IWF, HOW, Hostility, DREAM, Defiance, UTA  


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