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Real Name:  Brandon Kent  
Nicknames:  The Professional  
Hometown:  Las Vegas, Nevada  
Birthday:  October 19, 1992  
Height:  6ft 7in  
Weight:  318lbs lbs 


Biography:  Bishop Kingston was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. His mother worked as dealer at one of the big casinos as well as a stripper on her off nights. He never knew his father. The only thing he did know what that his father was a worthless human being who abandoned his girlfriend and unborn child.

Because of this Bishop spent most of his childhood with his grandparents who loved him and his mother dearly even if they disapproved of her life choices. At the age of twelve, Bishop's mother died of a drug overdose. Though that's how the cops ruled it, there were plenty of strange, explainable circumstances surrounding her death.

The remainder of his youth of pretty remarkable. That is until he turned seventeen and decided it was time for him to leave the overbearing, religious home of his grandparents. That's is where Bishop discovered that his size and experience in street fights could serve him a purpose. He become a bouncer at a few local clubs which quickly lend to him becoming an enforcer for a local gang.

At twenty-one, Bishop was arrested for aggravated assault and was sentenced to serve six years. He only served two before he was paroled and returned to city of Las Vegas. That is when he met Johnny Graves and instantly gravitated to the man. Since then the two have been inseparable. 
Other Feds:  None currently  


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