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Real Name:  Clyde Walker  
Nicknames:  Big Rig  
Hometown:  Broken Arrow, Oklahoma  
Birthday:  January 13th, 1987  
Height:  6'4  
Weight:  395 lbs 


Biography:  Clyde is just another etch into the generational stone of tractor-trailer drivers - following in the footsteps of his Daddy and Granddaddy. He’s a ‘Murica loving son of a bitch that likes to drink beer, hunt elk, live life on the tightrope of mindless self-indulgence - this means that if a fight is what’s necessary, a fight is what will happen. With a beard that contends with Grizzly Adams’, a gut with enough depth for a silver bullet to richochet off of, and an attitude that’s shaped like an arrow that’s pointed towards the depths of Hell itself, Clyde maintains his mission of being the biggest and baddest sooner this country has ever seen and ever damn will.

Proudly covering his blondish-brown curly locks, which travel down to his shoulders, with an “OU” trucker cap, Clyde doesn’t do this all on his own though. No sir, he don’t. Holding dear to his nearly lifeless heart, are the Fifth Wheel Boys - a venemous group of men that have lived on the same dusty roads as Clyde - communicating almost solely through their CB radios.

And now - they all live in the same trailer park compound - Snake Nation - as Clyde - together forever with empty beer cans, cloudy water bongs, and bonfires between them.

Though Clyde still drives truck, he’s turned this into a part-time gig for the sake of focusing on a passion that he loves just as much - rasslin’. That’s right - the Big Rig and his Fifth Wheel Boys are coming to a squared circle near you - with their flannel shirts, dirty mouths, road stench, and inebriated minds ready to embrace the unpredictable world that will have no other recourse but to get down on its knees and receive what the shippers have in store. 
Strengths:  1. Extremely overconfident.
2. Carries weight very well.
3. Very tough chin.
4. Has a very loyal following in the Fifth Wheel Boys that.
5. Very athletic - light on his feet, even though he's enormous. 
Weaknesses:  1. He'a drinker - and at times, he drinks too much. This tarnishes his judgement in the ring.
2. Submissions - he fears his own pressure points and has trouble sustaining a proper metal state when he's locked down in a hold or other submissive move.
3. Sore loser; plain and simple, Rig doesn't like to lose. He will do everything that he can to prevent that from happening which, of course, can tend to be a larger disadvantage than anything else. 


  • The boys are here!
  • Choo Choo bitch!
  • Ain't no devil or angel like me, boss.


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