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Real Name:  William Beckenhall  
Nicknames:  Will the Wanderer, Bill Beck  
Hometown:  Reno, Nevada  
Birthday:  11/05/1989  
Height:  6'4"  
Weight:  240 lbs 


Biography:  Not much is known is known about the life of Wanderin' Will, aside from the scarce details he's divulged over the years. Beginning his wrestling career in 2012, Will was rather notable for his reverence of the old days of regional wrestling promotions and his insistence on never staying in one place for too long.
He's somewhat of an enigma, not looking to be loved or respected by the world, but obviously searching for some kind of acceptance. In late 2016, a fan of Will's spent about a month traveling alongside him, uploading a series of videos online that showed a different side to the mostly work-focused athlete. These videos revealed Will's interest in philosophy and the circumstances that pushed him towards the life of a wanderer. According to William, he got disillusioned with most conventional ideas of happiness following a messy divorce that saw him lose a chance to live with his son and lose trust in the only woman he ever truly loved.
Coming into the Golden Intentions Battle Royal, William seems to still seek a place that will accept him and he plans to use the work he knows to achieve it. 
Strengths:  -His time spent traveling around the country has exposed him to a lot of different styles of wrestling, so very few moves take him completely by surprise.
-His intelligence assists him heavily in the ring as he stays very aware of his surroundings and is good at countering fairly quickly.
-He's a fairly well-rounded athlete, not failing horribly in any areas. 
Other Feds:   
Weaknesses:  -His lack of specialization means opponents that excel in one area force him to rely mostly on planning and preparation as he cannot outdo them in that attribute.
-His speed is not ideal, so he can fall behind in a battle against a strictly faster wrestler.
-Due to his copious smoking habits, he struggles heavily at catching his breath when it's been knocked out of him. 


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