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Real Name:  Autumn Marie Ricci  
Nicknames:  Beautiful Psychopath, A-Ray  
Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA  
Birthday:  November 10th  
Height:  5'7"  
Weight:  125 lbs 


Biography:  A young ball of fire from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, CA, Autumn is a person who loves to pursue everything she gets into with the same passion and intensity that she presents in the ring. She marches to the beat of her 'own' drum, refusing to play along with the other people she calls 'goody two-shoes hero types' and be the person that the fans want her to be. As she would say, she's the 'anti-anti hero'. Trained by a famous face when she was in the middle of her college years, she paid her dues in the indy circuit before being picked up by a major brand. Years, and a few brands later, Autumn finds herself in CWF, hoping to bring her brand of insanity and aggressive style to the brand.
Other Feds:  UWL  


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