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Real Name:  Andy H. Murray  
Nicknames:  The King Of Wrestling  
Hometown:  Aberdeen, Scotland  
Birthday:  17th Oct, 1977  
Height:  6'7"  
Weight:  280 lbs 


Biography:  Andy Murray has been wrestling for 25 years. A multi-time Hall-of-Famer, he's won more titles than he can remember, wrestled in more countries than most people will visit in three lifetimes, and has earned the right to call himself Scotland's most successful sportsman.

There's nothing he hasn't seen in the business, but he's not ready to quit just yet. While his younger brother Cayle has risen to great heights in recent years, it's the elder Murray who re-enters the fray this time, and he's only got one thing in mind: the CWF Championship.

Bigger, stronger, and more confident than his brother, Murray's 40 years old, and feels he's better than he's ever been. Will he live up to the hype, or will age finally catch-up with him? 
Strengths:  Fire.
Unbreakable confidence.
Varied skillset. 
Other Feds:  Dozens. Most notably DEFIANCE, WrestleUTA, GCW, LoC, OCW, PCW, FUSE, AWC, Just.  
Weaknesses:  Pride.
Honour before glory.


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