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Real Name:  Dr. Amy Jo Smyth  
Nicknames:  AJ  
Hometown:  Dirty Jersey  
Birthday:  12/25/1979  
Height:  5'6  
Weight:  ~160 lbs 


Biography:  Fan Interaction: Always friendly, always polite, with a big, big heart, as the that Southern Charm dictates but kind of an asshole that can come off as rude, aloof, and cold toward fans, friends, and strangers, especially when she is not in the mood or those who came at her. She will shut down any haters with her sass and wit. Her OCD prevents her from shaking hands or getting too, too close to fans but she will always try to accommodate their wishes. Smyth will not tolerate shit from anyone, even a supposed fan, and will let that fan know it.

Mentality: Amy Jo Smyth is two very different people inside and outside the ring. While AJS will stop to help nearly anyone on the street when they need it with anything they may need, she will not do that in the ring during a match. It is one of the few times that she will remain utterly selfish. However, it should be noted that once the match is concluded - win or lose - Amy Jo will aid her friends/allies in any way she can. Smyth will not lie down for anyone in this sport.

If AJS has a cause, she will fight for and defend that cause, no matter the cost. Same applies to her goals, including defeating people she considers friends. AJS will never cheat to win, she doesn’t need to. She will, though, put a person in his/her place by any means necessary, including the use of weapons.

Outside the ring but still backstage, she will help strangers as part of her general nature. Once she decided to no longer likes a person, she will become a completely different person toward him or her. If she loses respect for a person, matters become even more complicated. For no real particular reason other than her own amusement, Smyth may “poke bears” either in person or on social media. She also has no problem stepping into the middle of fights to either provoke things more or cool things down, more often the latter, however. Smyth will not go out of her way to pick fights with people who have never interacted with her but she will always defend herself and her friends. In fact, she will step up and fight for her friends and those she cares about even if they don’t want it, if they do not like her. Smyth must always do the right thing, the thing her heart tells her to do. Even though she tends to float on the outside of most things, anything AJS perceives as wrong will be righted/avenged and she will defend and protect those who cannot do it for themselves; Smyth will not tolerate bullies or those who take advantage of an unfair fight.

In her life outside the ring, she is currently on fool’s quest to find a cure for cancer in a pharmaceutical lab and still occasionally works in local law enforcement when needed. During her free time, which there isn’t much of, she trains, spends time with her wife and family, and enjoying her hobbies. Her hobbies include collecting, repairing, and refurbishing antique handguns, competing in and judging marksman competitions, reading, and watching bad 80s action movies.

Personality Traits:

Will not shake hands
Believes strongly in equality and fair fights
Never brings her gun to the arena
Drinks a lot but is always sober for her matches
Worldview: Formerly a police officer and now a pharmacological chemist, she believes strongly in laws of man - though she knows they are not as black and white as they seem - and the laws of science.

Strengths:  Knowledge of pain compliance moves that have been modified into submission holds; Jumping and landing; Innovation. 
Other Feds:   
Weaknesses:  Too fast; Anger; Perfectionism; Flashiness.


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