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Real Name:  Konrad Raab  
Nicknames:  "The Iceman"  
Hometown:  Cologne, Germany  
Birthday:  20/10/66  
Height:  6.4  
Weight:  201 lbs 


Biography:  He entered in this business under his wife's guidance who's been training him for his debut match against Vantage as a non-wrestler which he lost, but then in his second ever match in WEW, he won against Angelica Monroe and got himself into the StarrDome. During the preparations for Angelica Monroe match, he had his first title shot against Evan Envi for the North American title. Since he trained in the Starrdome, we see a whole new look to Konrad as he matured quite a lot and learned a lot more to the wrestling business, even being the last ever WEW Universal/Titan's champion for the company.

A very respectable wrestler and unlike his twin brother Lord Raab, he's against weapons and special matches. A guy who loves this business and is always calm, cool and collected man. He's also a guy who's so into developing stars to make them the best they can be. His addiction is Ice and he pours ice on himself so he feels ready to wrestle hence why he's known as The Iceman. He now wears a Blue and White mask in order to stand himself out from the rest of the wrestlers in the business and it helps him to feel happy and focusing on wrestling as well. 
Other Feds:  Supreme Championship Wrestling and UGWC  


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"WWKD: What would kyuseishu do?"

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