Title History - CWF World Heavyweight Championship

CWF World Heavyweight Championship

Champion Won From Show Reign
Freddie Styles  Silas Artoria  Frozen Over VIII
Silas Artoria  Vacant Genesis RPing ends Friday 11/29/19 at 11:59pm EST!
70 days
  Dan Ryan  Evolution 59
119 days
Dan Ryan  Duce Jones  Twilight of the Gods 2019
84 days
Duce Jones  Dan Ryan  Vertigo 2019
35 days
Dan Ryan  The Shadow  Confliction 2019
28 days
Loki Synn  MJ Flair  Northern Crown 2018
112 days
MJ Flair  Vacant Wrestle Fest IV Wrestle Fest IV
68 days
Eric Dane  Vacant Summer Games 2018
37 days
Caledonia  MJ Flair  Paradise 20-5-2018
79 days
MJ Flair  Jace Valentine  CWF Confliction
Four Way match
77 days
Elijah  Danny B  WrestleFest 3 1
196 days


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